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How Much Is Fantasy Darts To Join?

Fantasy Darts is 100% FREE to join, you will not be asked for any payment unless you decide to upgrade to our VIP membership.

Do I Have To Pay To Play In The Tournaments?

No, all members can play in tournaments 100% FREE, we do however have some tournaments that are just for the VIP members, unfortunately basic members cannot enter these ones.

How Do I Make My Predictions?

Just click on the tournament menu, here you will see lots of options including the add/edit predictions, Just click on this link and you can make your predictions for the tournaments, you can also change your mind until the round has closed.

What Are Cash Prize Pools?

Cash prize pools are added to each tournament, you will notice their are basic prize pools and VIP prize pools, if you are in the prize places at the end of any tournament you will win the prize pool for your current membership.

What Membership Levels Are Their?

We have two membership levels, their is a Basic membership & VIP membership, each membership has different features.

What Is Basic Membership?

Basic membership is 100% FREE and you can enter all standard tournaments and be eligible to win the basic prize pool, you can also enter lots of prize competitions.

Their are a number of premium tournaments and prizes that are for VIP members only, so your basic membership will not allow you to enter these.

What Is VIP Membership

VIP membership allows you to enter all competitions and be eligible to win the VIP Prize Pool, you can also enter all of our premium prize competitions, We also have a minimum of five VIP tournaments which you will be invited into.

Can I Get A Refund On My VIP Membership?

No, once you have paid we automatically have upgraded your account and you are then eligible to win the VIP prize pools and enter all our premium prize giveaways.

For this reason unfortunately we cannot offer any refunds on VIP memberships.

How Much Is VIP Membership?

VIP membership is £29.95 per year

Can I Upgrade My Membership

Yes, any member can upgrade their membership at anytime, to upgrade your membership you just need to click on the upgrade membership link in your account menu.

Can I Upgrade My Membership During A Tournament

Yes, you can upgrade your membership at anytime, please not that you will only win the prize pool of a tournament for the membership status you were at when it started.

Do I Get The VIP Prize Pool If I Upgrade After The Tournament Has Started?

No, if you upgrade after a tournament has started and you are in the prize pool at the end of the tournament, you will only be paid the basic prize pool.

How Do I Get Paid If I Win?

If you win a Tournament we will notify you and we can pay you via paypal or a bank transfer, which ever is easiest for you.

What Is A Knockout Tournament?

Knockout tournaments are done in one go, you will see the competition table, and all you need to do is drag which player you think will go into the next round, you do this right through to the final where you will be left with just one player, points are awarded for each correct player you put through to the next round.

What Is A Prediction Tournament?

Prediction tournaments are where you get to predict the outcome of each match from each round, you will then be given points depending on your predictions, each tournament will give you points for correct results & exact scores.

Can I View My Current Standings?

Yes, you can click on the leaderboards for the tournament you are playing in and you will see a league table with your stats for that tournament.

Can I View Fixtures & Results?

Yes, you can click on fixtures and results for each tournament, you will find all the information here that you need to know.

Can I View The Players Standings?

Yes, you can click on the players standings in prediction tournaments to see how they are performing, this will often help with your next predictions.

Can I Enter Prize Competitions?

Yes, all members can enter prize competitions, we do have a number of VIP only competitions which basic members cannot enter.

Are Their Sponsorship Opportunities?

Yes, we have a number of sponsorship opportunities throughout the website, if you are interested in sponsorship then please get in touch.

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